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Le Club Membership

Embrace The Most Feminine, Confident, and Classic Version of Yourself

If you’re ready to feel good in your true style, but are tired of constantly searching for the best items at an affordable price… this is just for you!

Become a “Le Club” member and find the European-inspired designs that suit you best, and refresh your confidence.

Are you ready to elevate your wardrobe once and for all?

Making The Stylish Choice, The Simple One.

How we dress might not define our identity… but it does show it! That’s why we believe that finding the best high-quality clothes at an affordable price shouldn’t be an impossible task! L’ Avenue takes the stress away In a world where fast fashion seems to be the one and only trend, we chose to think outside the box!

Our European-inspired pieces are more than ephemeral fashion, but a way to embrace classical modern women’s style and confidence timelessly.

To encourage you to stay true to your personal expression, we created a way for you to effortlessly have access to our unique items.

Founding Member Benefits

Unique gifts. Unmatched events. Exclusive VIP access.

Did Someone Say Free?

For $60 a month, get $90 every 30 days to use in-store or online on any purchase.

Exclusive Discounts

Receive a 10% fixed discount on all in-store purchases (excluding promo dollars).

Birthday Bonus

We’ll send you a Birthday Gift totaling $10 as a birthday reward.

Free Shipping

Join the Family and get free shipping for purchases online.

VIP Opportunities

Get VIP Passes for member-only exclusive shopping events, and more additional perks!

Redefining Luxury

At Le Club, it’s not just about the benefits and offers we provide. It’s about an experience that gives you access to the latest collections.

At L'Avenue, the idea is simple: We want to provide a luxury, European experience with unmatched premier customer service and members-only exclusive shopping events year-round!

As a token of our gratitude for your unwavering love and support, we'd like to offer those of you who are interested in sharing the next exciting chapter of our story a very special gift.

1 FREE pass to our VIP Exclusive Event on March 3, 2023 before our store’s grand opening!

L'Avenue Has It All With The Le Club Membership.

Join Le Club now for just $60/ month & and change the way you express yourself forever!

Unique gifts. Unmatched events. Exclusive VIP access.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's Included In My Membership?

As a founding member you will receive $90 a month to use in-store or online on any purchase. That’s $30 free, every single month! Additionally, you’ll receive a 10% fixed discount on all in-store purchases (excluding promo dollars), an annual $10 birthday reward, free shipping for all online purchases, and VIP member-only shopping events.

Is the Membership Fee A Recurring Charge?

Yes, you will be charged $60 every month.

Is there a contract?

No! There is no dis-enrollment fee or contract. You can cancel your membership anytime. The cancellation will be reflected on the next monthly billing cycle.

How do I access my monthly discounts?

Once you have subscribed, you will have access to a personalized membership portal where you can track your monthly discounts, birthday rewards, billing details, and more.

Do my monthly rewards roll over?

Yes! If you choose to not use your monthly reward dollars, they will stay active in your account until you choose to redeem them. This is a great perk as you can save your rewards and stack them towards large purchases.


Please note all reward dollars will expire on December 31st of every year, regardless of your enrollment date. You can save and stack your rewards until then. After December 31st you will lose all unused reward dollars.

Is there a limit to how many purchases I can make?

Not at all! There is no limit to the number of purchases with your membership. Please note when you are using your reward dollars, they must be used in full per reward at the time of purchase. If you decide to only partially use your monthly reward on a single purchase, you will lose the remaining value.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time with no penalty in your membership portal. Please note that your exclusive benefits are no longer accessible as soon as the cancellation is submitted.


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